Redding taxes within the DRG

Considered within its DRG, Redding house prices are very competitive: one can live in a very nice home with plenty of land for $500,000, typically with more bedrooms and land area than one can buy in, say, Darien for the same price. Put another way, the median home price of a house in Redding is substantially less than in Darien.

Correspondingly, the median tax bill for houses in Redding has consistently been at or near the bottom among the districts in our DRG. This illustrates the fact that while the mill rate in Redding may be higher than in other towns, when you get down to dollars and cents, you still tend to pay less in taxes according to the median.

This is illustrated in the following table (click here for larger fonts): Comparison of DRG A Districts Median Taxes New Margins c